Pure Cow Ghee

Coroli Pure Cow Ghee is an all-natural superfood that is crafted traditionally from the milk of select Indian cows. It is an ethnic product made by dairies with decades of experience in collaboration with cow owners and milk producers. Made from fresh cream, Coroli Pure Cow Ghee has a typical rich aroma and granular texture. Being lactose free, it’s a delight for those who are lactose intolerant.

Features and Benefits::

  • Coroli Pure Cow Ghee has a naturally sweet, nutty and rich taste with a pleasant aroma .
  • Its bright yellow granular texture melts into a clear, transparent and free from sediment & foreign colouring matter.
  • An all-natural lactose-free superfood that contains heart-healthy fats for a health-conscious choice.
  • A nutritional powerhouse that boosts Immunity and aids the digestive system.
  • Does not generate toxic fumes under high temperatures or break down into harmful free radicals.
  • Helps moisturize dry skin and hair.

How to Use:

Coroli Pure Cow Ghee can be used in a variety of confectioneries for enhanced taste. It can be a primary cooking fat for sautéing and can replace butter when baking. Can be used in place of cooking oil, coconut oil or palm oil.

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