Pan Roasted Sea Bass

Preparation: 2 To 4 Servings
TIME: 35 minutes
Dinner , Fish , Healthy , Lunch , Non-Vegetarian ,


Calories: 241 cal per serving

Carrot Sauce:

  • Carrot 160 gm
  • Onion 30 gm
  • Curry powder 1 gm
  • Coconut milk 150 ml
  • Stock 100 ml
  • Salt 1 gm
  • White pepper 1 gm

Fennell & Celery Salad:


  1. Sweat the sliced onion in Coroli Oil, then add the fresh Curcuma and curry powder.
  2. Let cook about 2 minutes on low heat then add the carrot for 4 minutes.
  3. Then add the stock, coconut milk, salt and pepper.
  4. Let cook for 30 minutes then blend all together until the sauce becomes smooth.
  5. Next season 2 pieces of seabass with salt and white pepper.
  6. Heat the pan with oil, then pan-sear the fish on the skin side first until golden brown.
  7. Cut the fennel and celery into slices then mix with oil, salt and lemon juice then add on top of the fish for plating.

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