4 Traditional Ramadan Recipes to Try Out this Ramadan

Ramadan is a very sacred Islamic month that carries so many values for Muslims around the world. When fasting, Muslims abstain from food and earthly pleasures from sunrise to sunset and pray to become closer to God. Many people fast this month with various intentions, in addition to gaining the spiritual benefits of this unique experience. Ramadan is known to bring families together and encourage generosity, piety and self-discipline. Some of the sought-after health benefits of fasting are weight loss, detoxification, lowering blood sugar and reducing appetite.

What makes Ramadan even more special are the traditional and delicious recipes that are always cooked during it. Many flavourful dishes like Samosa, Hummus and Fattoush Salad are great recipes for Ramadan Iftar or Suhoor. Here are four classic Iftar recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy during this beautiful occasion!

1. Chicken Harees

Harees or Harissa is a popular Arabic dish that is usually cooked in the month of Ramadan. The name is derived from the verb mash or squash in Arabic: “Harrasa”. It can be found in different cuisines with small variations in ingredients and preparation steps. The dish is usually prepared with boiled wheat or barley with seasoned meat. In this low-calorie version of the traditional recipe, we will use chicken instead. Barley, the main ingredient, is rich in fibre and has many health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. Check this delicious and healthy Harees recipe that can serve 4-5 people.

2. Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh, or Parsley Salad, is a Lebanese salad that is prepared with many nutritious ingredients like high-fibre bulgur, organic extra olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley. This dish is so light; it can be a side dish on Iftar or Suhoor. It is easy to prepare ahead and can be stored for a couple of hours. Check how to prepare Tabbouleh salad here!

3. Arabic Meat Sambousek (Samosa)

Sambousak is an appetizer that is always on the table on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. These rich fried dumplings can be stuffed with cheese, vegetable or meat. The dish originated from India and is usually served with yoghurt based sauces or tamarind. It’s prepared using Sambousek sheets, and these are very thin dough sheets. It is filled and then wrapped in little triangles or half-circles and served as a snack or appetizer. Enjoy this simple meat and potatoes Sambousak recipe here!

4. Classic Nuts Qatayef

No other dessert is associated with Ramadan in the region like Qatayef! These tasty golden dumplings, known as Middle Eastern pancakes, are filled with white cheese or cream or nuts and then soaked in sugar syrup. It is kind of impossible to find these delicious Qatayef served outside the month of Ramadan, which makes them even more special. You can find the Qatayef pastry ready-made in bakeries and sweet shops during Ramadan, or you can make it from scratch using our recipe. Here is a detailed classic nuts Qatayef recipe that will take your first day of Ramadan to a whole new level! 

So here you go, enjoy these delicious classic Ramadan recipes and celebrate with your loved ones in this blessed month! Don’t forget to also check more Coroli recipes here.