Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

The beauty industry has been stormed with countless natural hair trends which are changing the way we look after our hair to the better every day! For the recent few years, almost every hair product company launched a more natural line to help people embrace their natural hair’s beauty without ingredients like silicon and sulfate which can alter your hair’s shape and nature. So, what’s better than using organic, natural and chemical-free products that we trust enough to consume as part of our hair care routine?

Organic extra virgin olive oil is one of the oldest hair-care remedies that you can find in any home. You can find many hair products like conditioners, shampoos and oil hair masks that contain it, but it’s best to use it in its most natural and chemical-free form. So, let’s see what the benefits of organic extra virgin olive oil for your hair are.

Organic extra virgin olive oil for hair care

Organic extra virgin olive oil is rich with emollients like palmitic acid, squalene and oleic acid. A lab-made version of these emollients is found in various hair products because they have softening and hydrating qualities. Another reason why olive oil has been used for hair care for decades is that it leaves hair shiny, less prone to frizz and more voluminous. It can also effectively preserve moisture in your hair and strengthen it by penetrating the hair shaft.

Olive oil is also known to smooth the outer cuticles of your hair which is why it leaves it looking shinier. Just make sure you use the highest-quality olive oil, which is the least refined or processed version of olive oil. Organic extra virgin olive oil is 100% chemical-free and produced in a way that meets specific standards to retain its natural minerals and vitamins. Here are some ways to use it as part of your hair care routine!

How to use organic extra virgin olive oil for your hair

One of the most popular ways to use olive oil for hair is through using it as a deep conditioning hair mask or an oil treatment. However, it can be used for other purposes like styling and getting rid of lice or dandruff. Here are some ways to use it:

  • Olive oil hair mask: You can use two small spoons of olive oil for a deep conditioning oil treatment. It is okay to use more depending on your hair’s volume, length and how much moisturization it needs. Massage the oil gently for a few minutes and let it rest for 15 minutes then shampoo it thoroughly.
  • Treating dandruff: Organic extra virgin olive oil is not a cure for dandruff, but it can reduce flakes if you massage it onto dry scalp and comb your hair after.
  • Smoothing split ends: The best way to manage your split ends is to have usual trims. However, organic extra virgin olive oil can help you improve their look temporarily by applying a small amount of it to the bottom of your hair. It helps make it appear less dull or damaged and also adds a nice shine to it. It may even help prevent split ends by protecting your hair strands from frizz.
  • Avoiding frizz: Using hair oils can help reduce frizz by locking moisture inside your hair cuticles, it acts as a barrier that coats your hair and combat flyaways. Note that some hair types are not recommended to use olive oil for styling since it could be too heavy for them, like thin hair, for example, or hair types that retain oil longer than usual. It’s best to use it as a leave-in if your hair is extremely prone to frizz like coarse and curly hair.
  • Nurture chemically treated hair: Organic extra virgin olive oil van especially benefit heavily processed hair, this includes undergoing relaxers, bleach, dye and perms. Wait for 72 hours after the hair treatment before you use olive oil to avoid reversing its results.

Here you go, choose the perfect way to use Coroli organic extra virgin olive oil depending on your hair type and make sure you select the best quality natural products for your hair.